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Deep Undercover Part 3

Chasity stepped into the ballroom escorted by none other than Miles Tucker, her father.

“Don’t hurt ‘em too bad,” Miles whispered in her ear then smiled at her as they walked down the steps. Chasity wore a white dress that had a long V in the back showing off her back and physique in a tasteful way. Her hair was pinned to the side and her face and her make up was done flawlessly by her best friend, Shanice. Chasity laughed at Miles comment and walked away from him as he talked to a few of his business partners. If Chasity was honest she only came to these fundraiser events for her father and to show up for the businesses she invested into. If it were up to her she would much rather be at home playing video games or at a hookah bar with her friends. However, She grew up in a family where appearances mattered so she smiled and mingled representing her family the only way she was taught how.

After making her rounds she excused herself so that she could go to the restroom, she looked down at her phone and realized it was still early enough for her to meet up with her friends before they called it a night. Chasity was so focused on her phone that she bumped right into someone causing her phone to fall to the ground with a loud thud

“Shit,” she murmured then picked it up “I am so sorry,” she said looking at the stranger with a smile then back at her phone to survey the damage

“It was my fault, I was distracted by how beautiful you are,”

“Well I guess my beauty cost me a phone,” she joked while waving it showing him her screen was cracked

“That wasn’t my intentions,” he said “I can replace it,”

“No need,” she smiled at him and when he smiled back at her she felt a calm fall over her as if she were wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold night. Chasity felt her words catch in her throat and was glad he broke the silence

“What is your name beautiful?” He asked while staring at her as if she were a puzzle that he was trying to figure out. Most men would be uncomfortable when she matched their gaze but he never took his eyes off hers and she smirked

“Chasity,” she put her hand out for him to shake it

“Hello, I’m Aaron,”

“Are you representing a business or just here to network?” Chasity asked as they stepped over to the bar

“A little bit of both, you?” Aaron asked

“I’m here to support the businesses I have invested in and to escort my father over there.” She nodded her head in the direction Miles was in

“Miles Tucker is your father?” Aaron asked the surprise evident on his face

“That he is,” Chasity laughed

“I met with him the other day at the luncheon hosted by the people throwing this event,” he explained “he’s a knowledgeable guy I took

away a lot from our conversation.” Chasity smiled in response, the pride for her father shone in her smile

“Can I take you out some time?” Aaron asked

“I’d like that,” she replied smiling from ear to ear


“How long have you known I was a cop?” Aaron asked bringing Chasity back to the moment they were in. She wanted so desperately to start over just to avoid this but she couldn’t turn back the hands of time or change anything. The only thing she could do was give him what he deserved, the truth.

“Can we talk about this at home?” Chasity whispered as she leaned across the table

“I haven’t decided If I’m going home,” Aaron said in a matter of fact tone.

“Please don’t do this,” she pleaded feeling the tears she refused to let fall burn her eyes

“I didn’t do this,” Aaron motioned between them and Chasity sat back in her seat with shock written on her face, he was right he didn’t do this but she felt like the air was being taken from her body, she wanted to go back to him not knowing. She wasn’t going to keep begging him because she knew his mind was made up so it was pointless. The connection they shared was intoxicating since the day they met and he’d never looked at her with the disgusted look he had etched on his face right now.

“How long have you known?” He asked again

“A year maybe a little more.” She replied which received a slight head nod from Aaron.

“What’s next?” Chasity asked

“I don’t know,” Aaron answered honestly Then continued his questions “How long have you been doing this?”

“That’s irrelevant,”

“It’s not,”

“I’m not having this conversation here.” She said standing up and Aaron reached over and grabbed her by the hand his grip was more firm than he meant it to be and the way Chasity looked down at him with fire in her eyes made him loosen his hold a bit.

“Sit down,” he said through gritted teeth

“Why can’t I leave?” Chasity asked then she looked at him with disdain as she realized why “you’re wearing a wire.” She said then scoffed

“Chasity I-“

“Save it,” she raised her hand stopping him from saying anything else, she couldn’t believe he was setting her up. Chasity closed her eyes and reeled in her emotions the best she could, her heart felt like it was falling apart but she refused to let Aaron see how much this hurt her. This man lit up her world yesterday and today she was staring in the eyes of her biggest enemy.

Aaron unbuttoned his shirt at the table showing his chest was bare, his anger was evident on his face.

“I’m not the snake between the two of us,” Aaron said shaking his head,

“Snake?!” Chasity reeled back and said louder than she meant

“The only thing that saved you was me getting to Herb’s house before the police,” He continued then wiped his hand down his face,

Chasity didn’t respond, her eyes darted over to the door and back at Aaron, she stood up and began to walk past him to leave, his next words halted her steps completely.

“Herb wasn’t your first mistake by the way,” Aaron said then leaned back in his chair to look over at her “Your first mistake was thinking I didn’t know who you or your father were the day I met you,”

“What?” Chasity asked in disbelief and Aaron stood up adjusting his suit jacket then bent down to whisper in her ear

“Now we can go home and talk,” he said and kissed her temple before walking out the restaurant.

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