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Deep Undercover Part 4

Chasity walked through her front door with her hand inside her purse where her gun rested, she never had a moment in her marriage where she thought Aaron couldn’t be trusted. In fact, she was the one who kept secrets and moved in a way that would cause him not to trust her. Aaron changed the way she felt and viewed as if he snapped his fingers and pulled her out of a trance. The simple mention of her father caused her to go back to when they first met and allow the footage to play in her head all the way to this moment. Asking herself questions Did she miss a subtle sign? Did her father ever say anything, and she didn’t catch what he was trying to tell her?

Chasity’s ride home was mental torture as she ran different scenarios on how this would play out when she got to the house, she took the long way home to allow Aaron to get there before her and so that she could compose herself. The more she thought about it she got upset because nothing concrete came to her, Aaron felt safe from the moment she met him. He’d seen her completely vulnerable and didn’t judge her for her flaws. This didn’t make sense and this is what caused her to be ready to protect herself because it all made her wonder if she was sleeping with the enemy.

As soon as she stepped through the foyer she saw Aaron sitting straight ahead in a chair near the kitchen facing the door with his legs wide and his arm threw across the back of the chair, he looked calm in demeanor but she knew him and felt his angst the minute she walked through the door. It ate up her spirit in ways that made her feel just as uneasy as him. He sat up and looked at her, his eyes were narrowed to slits and Chasity’s steps froze in place when they made eye contact.

“When have I ever made you feel like I would do anything to hurt you? “Never,” she answered honestly

“That’s what I thought but your sudden need to touch your gun in my presence is telling me you don’t really believe it.” Aaron said his hurt and anger was evident her silence confirmed his allegations and he scoffed in return “You not trusting me is laughable for so many reasons.” He sat forward arms to knees, eyes to her.

“I don’t know what to think Aaron.” Chasity let out a sigh and put her purse on the marble counter next to her, gun still inside “You said you knew who my family was when we met, that makes me feel like you were plotting on me this whole time.”

“Chasity,” Aaron started

“I mean you are a cop so I’m not surprised but damn you didn’t have to spend 4 years to get your target.” Chasity continued ignoring his interruptions

“You aren’t my target Chas,” Aaron said in a low tone as he rubbed his hands together

“What the fuck is going on then?!” Chasity’s voice boomed

“I wasn’t a cop when you met me,” Aaron’s calm wasn’t missed by her and it annoyed her because no matter how hypocritical it sounded she was pissed

“I know.” Chasity said nodding her head

“A lot of bosses in the streets get people who are already under oath and try to flip them, but my mentor decided he’d groom someone on the outside and send them in to be his eyes and ears.” Aaron explained

“Who is your mentor?” Chasity asked with a confused expression on her face

“Your father was my mentor.” Aaron said and Chasity’s heart plummeted she felt her head spinning and gripped the edge of the counter top as a way for her to hold on as she played things in her head,

“You knew me before you approached me?” Chasity asked

“Yes I did.” Aaron said “ I knew you from afar and you occupied my every thought from the moment I saw you, I wanted to get closer to you.”

“When you first saw me? You were never around.” Chasity could not remember ever seeing him before the day of the ball, The doorbell chimed and neither of them moved to answer it, if it were 10 minutes prior Chasity would whole heartedly believe it were the police at the door but she knew that her father was a very strategic man and if he trusted him to become apart of the very people he saw as his enemy and remain loyal she trusted that he wouldn’t cross him even after death.

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Krystle Adrienne
Krystle Adrienne
31 Ara 2022

This short story had me intrigued I wanted more of it.

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