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Kita's Tale

July Feature: Drea

Song: Trenches by Trap Fray


“Excuse me!!” Kita exclaimed as she walked through the crowded club, saying the words were a courtesy because she couldn’t walk a step without having to push through people. Women whipped their necks and made ugly faces at her that she ignored and continued her walk back to her section. Once she arrived, she rolled her eyes and sat down. Kita grabbed the patron bottle off the table and poured some into a cup then sat back sipping her irritation away.

She wasn’t a person who liked to go to the club, the scene was too hectic for her. If she wanted to drink and listen to music, she could do that at home but tonight was a celebration, her 25th birthday to be exact and the tab was all on her, they had a big booth and bottles were flowing.

“AYO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU KITA! TURN UP BABY!” The DJ shouted as he cut to a song, he knew would make her dance

“One time for the birthday bitch,”

the song cut in changing Kita’s frown to a smile as her whole booth started shouting and hyping her up, she swung her head throwing her long bundles to one side allowing full view of her plump ass as she twerked the song down. Not missing a beat, her best friend Simone stood on the couch behind her throwing dollar bills at her as her other friends recorded videos and hyped her up even more.

By the time the girls left, they were drunk stumbling to the car and laughing to each other about the events of their night.

“I ordered a uber,” Simone slurred

“You just gone tear my club down then dip without speaking?” Black stepped up biting his bottom lip, he was dark as the night that engulfed them and stood over Kita as he walked up on her

“I ain't seen you all night, I didn’t know you were here.” Kita explained

“You know where I be,” he said then looked off at the person trying to get his attention he nodded in their direction then turned back to her. “You be safe out here, I’ll see you around and let me know if you need anything while bro locked down,” he referred to her boyfriend, Quan, he was also his friend and recently went to jail for a 10-year sentence.

“I know something I want!” Niecy, their other friend, said suggestively and loud enough for him to hear her. All three women laughed and walked away toward the Uber that was waiting.

Kita woke up the next morning to her phone ringing, she looked down noticing it was Simone

“Hey girl,” she greeted

“Hey bestie,” Simone said in a high-pitched voice that made Kita pull the phone away from her ear

“Girl you loud and I just woke up,”

“Get up let’s go to the mall, stop being grumpy,”

“Alright let me get dressed,”

“Wait before we go,”

“What’s up?” Kita asked after a moment of silence

“You think it’s smart to spend Quan’s money like that?”

“Like what?” Kita asked feeling a bit defensive, Simone had been acting weird lately but this question about what she may or may not be doing with HER man’s money was crossing the line. Kita never questioned Simone about the shady shit she did, so the sudden intrigue was puzzling. “I have my own money Simone, what even made you ask me some shit like that?!” She defended

“Bitch you ain’t got no fucking money,” Quan’s voice barked through the line causing Kita to fully wake up and sit on the edge of her bed.

“What the fuck y’all got going on?!” Kita asked angrily

“Take my fucking money to Black before I get you touched Kita,”

“You know what, I haven’t touched a dime of your money but now I’m about to blow a bag. Get me touched? Nigga you doing 10 years the streets already forgot you. Don’t drop the soap pussy.” Kita went off, she couldn’t believe he accused her of running off on him and even more that he got her best friend to try and set her up!

“Kita,” Simone started

“Bitch! I know you not fixing yo dick suckas to say shit to me,” Kita chastised “I should’ve known yo jealous ass wasn’t my real friend! Always pushing me to break up with this nigga, whole time you fucking him?!,” Kita scoffed, she was fuming she didn’t even give Simone a chance to respond before she directed her anger back to Quan

“And you think this bitch gone hold you down for 10 fucking years? Kita laughed mockingly at his expense “Y’all deserve each other,” she said then hung up the phone.

Kita stood up and got in the shower, she replayed the phone conversation in her head on a loop still in shock at how things happened. Kita got out the shower put on her body oil and then got dressed, she opted to put her hair in a ponytail. She threw on black yoga pants, a white tank top, and lastly pulled out a baseball cap pulling her ponytail through the back, so it fit on her head snugly. Kita walked over to the safe Quan had in her wall and grabbed a Louis Vuitton duffel bag. She stuffed all the money out the safe inside, grabbed the money from the secret compartment in the ceiling of her closet he thought she didn’t know about and went through all of the shoe boxes on his side of the closet. She threw the stacks that couldn’t fit in the duffel bag on her bed and then picked the bag up to walk out she felt the tears roll down her eyes. As the true betrayal from the people she loved set in. She grabbed the knob of her front door and before she could pull it open to leave a heavy knock fell on it.

"Kita it's Black."

Black announced himself and Kita dropped the bag and let out a breath all at the same time. She opened the door and when he walked in, she folded her arms across her chest as he strolled in casually and looked at her. If she wasn't mistaken it looked like he felt sorry for her in his stare. Pursing her full lips up she waited for him to speak and when he didn't she rolled her eyes.

"You here for his money right?" she tilted her head to the side full of attitude and Black smirked in response

"You know what the fuck I'm here for," He walked closer to her invading her space and grabbed her neck applying pressure but not to much, he then bent over and kissed her she allowed his tongue to invade her mouth as she melted into his arms and kissed him back. Black ran his hands down to her ass and pulled the yoga pants off, lifting her up he released his dick and sat her down on him entering her slowly holding her up midair Kita gripped his strong arms

"Oooh," she moaned and let out a gasp as he entered her middle pumping into her slowly then picking up speed.

Quan's biggest mistake was thinking she didn't know her man. Although Kita didn't know it was her best friend, she knew it was another bitch. She played her cards right and got her a better nigga.

Kita threw her head back as she continued enjoying the pleasure Black was delivering her legs shook as they finished.

Black grabbed the bag, kissed her forehead and walked to the door.

"I'll flip this and bring you yo cut just like we discussed," he said over his shoulder before he left out.

"Check mate" Kita thought and smiled.

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