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Pyro’s Tale

Feature Name: Joey

Song: Plastic off the Sofa x Beyoncé

"Aye Pyro, be ready to owe down,” Fat al teased and began laughing loudly. Pyro rolled her eyes and laughed as she focused her attention on the basketball game in front of her. She watched her cousin and his best friend win every game that day but not one of the games they played grabbed her attention like this one. This game brought the adrenaline rush a true gambler looks for. It could go either way so she chose to laugh off Fat Al’s remark instead of engaging. The game was now tied and when her cousin Will missed the game winning shot Pyro crossed her arms and smirked as Fat Al laughed harder. The game progressed as the other team took the ball and tried  to make their shot. Will’s teammate, Josh, hit the ball out of bounds stopping their shot from going in the net and the spectators began shouting around them.

“Fat Al don’t stop laughing now,” Pyro yelled laughing when the ball was back in play. Josh shot the game ending shot and Pyro walked over to Fat Al to collect her winnings,

“NOW THAT WAS A FUCKING GAME.” Will shouted as he walked over dabbing his niggas up and hugged Pyro.

“Cuzzzz did you bet on this one?” Will asked

“Yeah and you niggas had me worried.” Pyro said as she counted through the money she won. “I’m gone see you later,” Pyro hugged him again and walked out.

Pyro stepped out of the Rec center and answered her phone.

“Why you  dodging me?” Her girlfriend Shina yelled on the other end

“I been at the rec all day, no service.” Pyro replied calmly while getting into the car “I’m on my way,” she said  and ended the call before Shina could reply.

She saw someone approaching her car and rolled the window down.

“What’s up?” Pyro greeted Fat Al

“I heard you got some shit cooking.”


“I need parts,”

“I hear you,” she nodded in thought “I’ll hit you up,” Pyro promised then started the car and pulled off before Fat Al could keep talking.

Pyro walked into Shina house prepared for the argument that was coming, she walked into the living room and heard music playing she saw Shina sitting on the couch with her long legs crossed at the ankle. Her shorts barely covered her plump ass and she looked at peace. Expecting an argument was a response she was use to from her past relationships but Shina was different, she made Pyro comfortable being herself and that was everything she could ask for. Shina held a perfectly rolled blunt out to her and sat up so Pyro could sit between her legs

“You ready for tonight?" Shina asked while rubbing her long nails in between Pyro’s fresh braids

“Yeah, are you?”

“Yep. You good with the security I hired?”

“Yeah and Fat Al said he trying to get in.” Pyro mentioned while passing the blunt back

“Fat Al is cool but he talks too much. Let’s see how things go tonight first.”

“Say less.” Pyro agreed and turned around so that they were face to face, "Come here." she smiled and kissed Shina deeply.

This would be her first time hosting a high stakes casino style game night. Tables were set up running games ranging from Black jack to spades at a 10K buy in hosted at a secret location and invite only. Every hustler, gambler, dope boy, or get money muthafucka in the city had reached out to her at this point trying to get in but she had been selective and the niggas sitting at the tables she walked by were thorough.

Pyro rubbed her hands together with a smile  on her face thinking of all the money that she’d made so far. The night was only half way over and it was still more to be made.

She spoke to a few people she knew then approached Shina,

“Ya girls look good holding down these tables baby,” Pyro commented then kissed Shina behind her ear

“I figured these niggas would enjoy the eye candy,” she remarked “you had security take all the guns right?” She asked

“Yeah why you ask?” Pyro stepped back to look her in the face

“I just want to make sure nothing goes left,” Shina explained

“Why woul-,”

“Pyro!” Someone yelled getting her attention and cutting off their conversation. Pyro threw one last glance at Shina before greeting the person that called her. Shina let out a sigh and continued looking around, all of the tables were full and the drinks were flowing. She looked down at her phone and saw a text with two words

“Go time.”

She then made eye contact with the four women holding down the black jack tables in the center and nodded her head. All four ladies nodded back then in one motion brandished a TEC-9 waving them back and forth at the niggas sitting at their tables.

“Ayo Pyro what the fuck?!” Rell, one of the gamblers, yelled in shock with his hands up.

Pyro didn’t say a word as she watched Shina walk in between the tables without a care in the world

“Fuck a Jack boy season you niggas could never move this clean,” Shina laughed “fill these bags up and let’s get the fuck out of here!!,” she yelled and the girls at the other tables jumped into action filling up duffel bags

“Pyro you apart of this?!” Will asked angrily

“Nigga Tf do you think?!” Pyro hissed back her light skin was flushed red with embarrassment and anger. Shina had just moved to Cincinnati 8 months prior to meeting Pyro and they’d hit it off instantly. They had been dating for about 6 months and Pyro had no idea she was a mark this whole time. Shina did just enough to gain Pyro's trust in fact this whole game night was her idea. Shina had her use her pull to get this much money in one room, 8 tables total with at least 50K plus at each and that’s just counting the money that was in sight. She couldn’t believe she focused so much on the players not crossing her that she missed the person whose double cross would hit the hardest. The only thing Shina didn’t know was that Pyro never let her right hand know what the left was doing, Shina's focus on security made her choose her own people to watch her back, Pyro smirked because she couldn't help but admire the way Shina played the long game. She crossed her arms and stepped back allowing Shina to walk past with the bags. As soon as they opened the big warehouse door and stepped out the girls holding the guns were shot immediately. Five men stepped forward wearing all black with hard stares on their face, one stepped forward wearing a hat with S&S embroidered on it smiled.

"Pyro I thought this security job was supposed to be easy money."

"Sorry AJ," Pyro talked to AJ but looked Shina in the face as she avoided her gaze and stared at her friends on the ground "I respect your game Shina but you should've did your research and learned who you were fucking with." Pyro pulled a blunt from behind her ear and put fire to the end of it and walked away "Get these bitches out of here man." she threw over her shoulder

"Ro, don't let them kill me. I wasn't going to kill anybody." Shina pleaded as she was dragged out. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as Pyro instructed the other security members to put the duffel bags back at the tables.

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