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Toxic Part 2

Song: Kill Bill X Sza

Zoey sat on the rug in her bedroom looking down at her phone anticipating the moment that Chance would call, she allowed the tears to fall as she grieved the relationship she was about to lose. When Sasha left her office Zoey went through so many different scenarios but the only thing she was left with was the overwhelming urge to just tell Chance her truth. Her phone rang and her eyes fell on the picture that popped up, a younger version of her and Chance smiled back at her. Oh how she would kill to be back in that moment before their innocent friendship got clouded by the confusion of romantic feelings.

“Hello,” she pushed out

“I’m at your door.” Chance stated then ended the call

Zoey got up and grabbed her robe to cover up, had this been any other time the bra and panties would be fine but this moment was far from being any other time. When she opened the door he stood in a tailored suit with a concerned look on his face, he reached for her pulling her into him, then ran his hands through her large curly hair he looked her in the eyes, Zoey felt exposed as she closed her eyes and a tear fell down.

“You told me to come to you as soon as I can, What’s wrong Zo?” he asked

“I have to tell you something.” Zoey twirled her fingers and took a deep breath before saying her next words “Sasha knows about us.”

“I know.” He revealed causing her to look up at him in shock

“What do you mean you know?!”

“She told me a few weeks ago, that’s what prompted the divorce conversation.”

“You left that the fuck out.” Zoey backed up touching her chest and trying to catch her breath before continuing “Sasha is pregnant and told me the dinner party was to reveal that, but if she already knows about us, what the fuck is really going on?”

“Sasha likes to control things so finding out that I want a divorce has her spiraling.”

“You can’t leave her.”

“I am a grown ass man Zo, I ain’t asking for permission. At the end of the day this ain’t got nothing to do with you, I want out.”

The finality in his words jolted Zoey a bit, this had more to do with her than he knew

“Sasha knows something about me that I need to tell you before she does. I-“

Chance stopped Zoey mid-sentence with a kiss to the lips, he pressed his body against hers and wrapped her in his arms parting her lips with his tongue and biting on her bottom lip.

“I don’t want to hear it.” He whispered before leaning back in and kissing her again his tall frame towered over her as he grabbed the belt off her robe causing it to fall open, Zoey thought to protest but she couldn’t stop herself from taking in this moment, she knew it would be the last so she opened herself up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Chance rubbed his hands up and down her back caressing her, he slid the robe off then stepped out of his suit while looking at her. Zoey unfastened her bra releasing her plump breast and rubbing her nipples while backing into her bedroom. Chance laid her down and kissed her from her lips down to her feet, he took one of her French tipped toes into his mouth and licked  down her leg. The anticipation that built between her legs caused her to let out a soft moan, Chance worked her panties off and used his thumb to tease her clit while sucking on her inner thigh, he kissed his way down to her middle and replaced his thumb with his tongue and wrapped his arms around Zoey’s back to bring her closer to him as he feasted on her,

Zoey cried out in pure pleasure enjoying the attention that Chance was showing to her body, nothing mattered to her but this moment and the ecstasy she felt mounted as soon as he entered her

“Uhhhh,” she gasped as he rocked in and out of her slowly until she exploded on him

Chance and Zoey went at it for every bit of an hour indulging in each other as if they wouldn’t get another chance to feel this from each other.

She laid staring into Chance's eyes taking him in and enjoying him because the overwhelming feeling of this ending rested on her chest

“Let’s get in the shower and get dressed for this dinner,” Chance whispered kissing  her neck, and as soon as the words left his mouth reality swooped in to grab her out of her trance  

“Okay,” she forced a smile and got up to shower and dress

 Zoey and Chance walked through the front doors of his home together, no need to hide what it was anymore and Chance made it clear that no matter what his marriage was over. They were both surprised to not hear any chatter or guests greeting them at the door, they entered the dining room to find Sasha at the head of the long table dressed in a beautiful evening gown with a glass of wine. Zoey let out a slight yelp when she looked at what rested on Sasha’s plate. A rose gold plated 9mm Ruger, a prissy gun for a prissy bitch. Zoey’s eyes dropped down to the other place settings and saw that pictures rested on top of the other plates, different shots of her and Chance’s encounters. Sasha knew way before she said anything to either one of them

“I asked you both to end this and you walk into my dinner together?” Sasha’s tone was so still it caused goosebumps to form on Zoey’s arms, the look in her eyes proved that her cousin had checked out. Years of playing a dangerous game all led to this moment

“Where is everyone?” Chance asked

“I refused to continue to lie about your whereabouts, I told them you were with your mistress and they got the idea and pretty much left on their own.” Sasha scoffed and lifted the red wine to her lips

“Why are you just now saying something?” Zoey asked looking at the pictures

“Do you think you’re the only bitch he cheated on me with?” Sasha threw her head back in laughter “you always thought you were a special bitch, you are a number.” Sasha spat “the only difference is he fell in love with you and wants to blow up the life I’ve built for myself and that’s where you got me fucked up.” A long finger nail pointed in Chance’s direction accusingly

“The divorce is happening whether I end up with Zo or not,” Chance spoke up “I won’t leave you stuck but I want out ma.”

“You won’t leave me stuck?” Sasha picked up the gun and aimed it at Chance

“Sasha!” Zoey yelled “Put the gun down we can talk about this,”

“Tell him Zoey,” Sasha demanded and Zoey looked over at Chance with tears in her eyes pleading for his forgiveness before she even revealed her secrets “TELL HIM!” Sasha screamed and moved the gun over to Zoey causing her to jump and put her hands up

“Whe whe When,” Zoey stammered and took a breath to compose herself  before continuing “When we were little I never told you the real reason I stopped coming over .” Zoey stopped speaking and looked at Sasha who was still  pointing the gun in her direction she looked back at Chance and continued  “Your mom  set up the pull out bed in the living room for me and your dad would come in there in the middle of the night. The last time I was over was because your mom caught him and told my parents.” Zoey was having a hard time keeping it together and  Chance was having a hard time digesting her words

“My dad raped you Zo?”’he asked solemnly, the little kid in him wanted her to say no and deny this story but watching her undoing was all the confirmation he needed, he wanted to console her but he didn’t want to upset Sasha so he stayed in his spot

“Yes and when my dad found out he went over to confront your dad, things got heated and my dad shot him.”

The silence that filled the room was louder than any response Chance could give, Zoey felt as if  this was a bad dream she felt naked standing there and Sasha seemed to be enjoying every minute as she smirked and turned to Chance.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk you fell in love with someone who knew the real reason for your dad not being here with you right now,” Sasha chastised, her taking pride in this moment and holding something like this over Zoey's head showed her true colors more than anything and Chance was disgusted he sniffed and grabbed his chin

“Yo father didn’t shoot my dad,”he revealed “I had no idea he was touching you I swear to God I didn’t, I thought-“ Chance rubbed his head and walked over to Zoey “I’m sorry you carried this for so long but what you remember is not what happened.”

“Huh? Yes it is! I remember my dad holding the gun.” Zoey stated adamantly

“Your dad took the gun from me, I shot him! He was raping Shayla!”

“Your sister?!” Both Sasha and Zoey shouted leveled by this realization, Zoey started to hyperventilate. Everything she thought she knew. The trauma she held on to was all a lie and all this time she thought she was protecting Chance when he would’ve understood. The air in the room was too thick for her to digest. Chance threw caution to the wind and hugged Zoey tightly, he allowed her to break down in his arms and Zoey let everything out.

They were so wrapped up in the moment that they both missed the anger building in Sasha, she refused to let them have a happy ending while her picture perfect life crashed into shambles. The anger fueled her next actions as she pointed the gun in their direction


Zoey and Chance’s embrace was rocked as Zoey’s  body lurched forward, she  fell into him as the bullet shot through her, she touched her stomach and her mouth fell open filling with blood.

“Zoey, hold the fuck on baby don’t leave me.”  Chance yelled but it was too late, his words and pleas was the last thing Zoey heard before her world faded to black.

Her secrets were revealed now but she played a dangerous game thinking that Sasha’s feelings were ones to dismiss, now she would be laid to rest with only her regret and what ifs.

“I love you Chance.” Zoey said in the darkness hoping he could hear her in his subconscious.


The End

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