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Deep Undercover Part 2

Chasity sat in the middle of her bed twirling her fingers together, she hadn’t been able to get real sleep in days and it was killing her. She could tell Aaron sensed something was off with her because he always did but anytime he asked questions or was concerned she forced herself to tell him everything was okay. Lying to him was becoming harder and harder because she knew he was close to finding everything out on his own. Aaron’s phone vibrated on the table beside her and she saw a message from Herb and something in her stomach didn’t feel right instantly, she read the message

Herb: come see me tomorrow

Chasity hadn’t talked to Herb and they discussed everything when it came to Aaron before it happened, she responded back

Aaron: I’ll be to your crib first thing in the am

Herb: bet

she then deleted the messages Herb sent and her message out of his phone permanently. Chasity heard the shower stopping and put Aaron’s phone down,

“This piece of your anklet keeps falling off babe,” Aaron held up the small crown that was supposed to be attached to her ankle and grabbed her leg gently as he reattached it. He then kissed her foot causing her to giggle and snatch her leg back

“Thank you baby, I’ll just put it on my wrist and see if that helps,” Chasity said taking off the anklet and putting it on her wrist, she then seductively crawled over and kissed him deeply on his lips.

“You free tomorrow night? I want to take you to dinner around like 7.” Aaron Said

“Ooooh That sounds nice,” chasity smiled “where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise baby, just be ready at 7 and I’ll be home to pick you up.”

“I will do that,” Chasity said smiling again from ear to ear. He loved her smile and did anything he could to see it, he licked his bottom lip as he stared at her and Chasity saw his intentions all over his face. Aaron kissed her again as he ran his hands over her body finally landing on her butt which he gripped firmly. Chasity let a moan escape her lips between kisses and Aaron laid her back as he parted her legs allowing his kisses to trail her inner thighs then dove into her wetness devouring her.

Chasity woke up still wrapped in Aaron’s arms, she looked over at him and smiled. This man made her so happy, he was attentive, genuine, and passionate. He’d been that way since day one when they met at a gala held by one of her business partners. On paper Chasity was the owner of a hair salon and spa and she also had investments in other black owned businesses throughout the city. When she saw Aaron he exuded confidence and swagger that she hadn’t seen in a man since her father. Chasity got to know him and had an undeniable feeling that her heart was safe, he didn’t leave room for her to second guess his intentions because he made them clear and he knew she was guarded but was patient with her. Falling in love with him was easy and more than anything Chasity loved the fact she was able to be her complete self with him, she didn’t have to be a crime boss or call the shots and that was a big reason why she was hesitant to tell him. Chasity knew the minute he found out the bubble they created for just them and their love would forever be popped and she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that. Aaron moved slightly and she took the opportunity to get up and take a shower. When she stepped out she put on her clothes opting for a simple white turtle neck that she tucked into a pair of light blue jeans that hugged her small waist. She put her natural hair in a slick back bun which showed off her beautiful face and diamond stud earrings. Aaron wasn’t up so she assumed he was deciding to sleep in for the day and kissed his lips before sliding into a pair of brown Ugg’s and grabbing her nude trench coat. Chasity stepped out the house and texted her right hand man Tonio, who was her father’s bestfriend and had been in her life since she was a kid, letting him know to meet her at their spot.

Aaron woke to his phone ringing and almost ignored it until he realized who was calling by the ring tone,

“Hello,” he said in a groggy voice

“Nigga what is first thing in the morning to you?!” Herb asked in an annoyed tone

“Huh?” Aaron said still in a confused daze

“GET CHO ASS OVER HERE NIGGA!” Herb shouted then ended the call. Aaron was confused and just waking up but he decided to get dressed and go over there to see what Herb could possibly be talking about.

Chasity and Tonio arrived to Herb’s house and walked in without knocking. Chasity saw the surprised expression cross Herb’s face before he quickly tried to cover it up,

“What you doing here?” Herb asked

“Where is everyone?” Chasity asked looking around

“Ain’t nobody here Chas,” Herb said letting out a deep breath, he knew by her demeanor that she had his plan figured out. He tried to let Chasity do things her way but he wasn’t liking how things were playing out and he felt like it was about time that he stepped in and handled things before it was too late, he felt that Chasity was just going to have to get over it at this point because the only one safe from their life changing forever was her and he wasn’t feeling that. “It’s time to end this shit,” Herb said when Chasity walked back into the room.

“Oh yeah?” Chasity looked in mock surprise at him then Tonio “you made that call?”

“Yeah,” Herb said poking his chest out, he wanted to stand on his decision but he couldn’t deny that he was a bit scared of how Chasity would take his betrayal

“And what did you plan to do when Aaron showed up?” Chasity asked turning her neck slightly

“I was going to talk to him,”

“Then what?” Chasity said through gritted teeth

“I don’t know,” Herb answered honestly

“I do,” Chasity said then nodded her head slightly. Before Herb could say another word Tonio sent two bullets through his head silencing him forever.

Chasity sniffled, and she rubbed her forehead as she peered down at Herb’s lifeless body. She didn’t want to kill him but she knew he was going to do what he wanted and she couldn’t risk it. Chasity had been wanting to let her cousin go for a while but his loyalty was unmatched, the minute he went behind her back he became expendable not to mention the thought of him disappearing crossed her mind as a way to fold Aaron’s case completely.

“I told you this would happen,”

“Not fucking now Uncle Tone, let’s just go,” Chasity said then walked out the front door.

Aaron walked into Ruth Chris dressed in a Dark blue tailored suit with a crisp white button down underneath, he had on a gold Movado watch that was gifted to him by Chasity. He texted her earlier that he wouldn’t make it back in time and let her know to meet him at the restaurant, she sat in the back and when they made eye contact he felt his heart lurch. Chasity was wearing a black spaghetti strapped dress and had her hair styled in a bob length asymmetrical cut, her beautiful smile was like an arrow to his heart.

“Hey baby,” Chasity said when Aaron made it to the table

“Hello beautiful,” Aaron greeted kissing her forehead

“I-“ Chasity began and was stopped by Aaron

“Let me speak I just want to get something off my chest,” Aaron said taking her by the hand and noticing the anklet was still on her wrist

“Okay baby what’s up?” Chasity said leaning into him smiling

“I always admired your ambition and your hustle, I never second guessed anything you’ve told me because you have always been honest with me.” Aaron said smirking

“Aaron wha-“ Chasity began again and was halted by him putting a finger to his lips

“I am going to give you the opportunity to tell me the truth,” Aaron said looking her in the eyes as he slid the crown from her anklet over to her across the table. Chasity looked down and began to play it off but when she saw the speck of blood that was in the corner of it her heart fell to her toes and she looked up from the charm to meet Aaron’s gaze with tears in her eyes.

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