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Yaz's Tale(Lacey’s Tale pt3)

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

California Breeze X Lil Baby

“Aye Yaz,” Shaq called out catching her attention

“Yes?” annoyance dripped from her tone, not only had she heard the worst news ever Shaq called her and made her leave a much needed girls night out with her friends, she was pressed and now hurt. Yaz bent over taking off her orange platform heels and plopped down on her plush couch brows bent in deep contemplation

“I’m sorry man.”

“Yeah, you’ve said that.” She responded blowing out a breath of hot air “I just want to know the reason he used my little sister for a vendetta against Rosalyn of all fucking people.” anger shot her out of her seat because anyone within arm's reach of the game knew of Rosalyn’s pedigree. To use her sister and her group of baby scammers to get information for Rome to plot out any scheme was reckless, and her patience was paper thin.

“It wasn’t against Rosalyn. He underestimated Bella’s reach, but we would’ve never put Trish in harms way if we knew Yaz, I told her she’d never have to scam again if she helped.”

Yaz’s little sister was always into something, and she learned to stop trying to prevent her from bumping her head and watch rout from a distance but this time she was too late to prevent this and she couldn’t help but feel guilty. Shaq telling her that her baby sister may be dead made her blood run cold but hearing that it was his fault had her ready to commit murder.

“So, what now?” Yaz asked him “Why are you here and not him?”

“I came here to tell you that I fucked up, I can't tell you how to respond but I also couldn’t not tell you the truth.”

“You’ve told me now leave,” Yaz ushered Shaq to the door and before she closed it, she shot him one last piece of advice “tell Rome to be safe out here.” She smirked and shut the door before he could respond.

“Indeed,” Shaq replied to the door and walked away

Rome now had a whole shark circling him waiting for him to bleed so she could attack. Rome’s best bet was to get out of dodge before it was too late, but he knew his friend was too hardheaded for that.

Yaz’s heels clicked across the marble floor as she walked into the doors of Parker & Associates Law Firm. She sped up her pace to catch the elevator and was greeted by one of the partners and her best friend, Kelly.

“Hey girl! Why did you leave last night?” Kelly asked while making sure the updo she put her locs in was perfect.

“We need to go straight to your office.” Yaz said, she didn’t have it in her to fake the funk. No greeting or small talk because this was beyond important

“Hold my calls and push my first meeting to this afternoon.” Yaz ordered her assistant as soon as they got off the elevator while putting her coat and purse on her desk. Kelly gave the same orders to her personal assistant and lead the way to her office.

“Rome got Trish killed.” Yaz blurted out as soon as she shut the door causing Kelly to sit on the edge of her desk in shock

“He did what?”

“He sent his own fucking cousin on a damn dummy mission. Told her she’d never have to scam again.”

“Trish went for that shit?”

“She chose family but knowing her, having to choose ate her the fuck up. I could kill him for even putting her in that position.”

“You didn’t?”

“Not yet. I need to talk to Matt."

“Matt can you step into my office.” Kelly paged and within minutes Matt walked in wearing a suit tailored to perfection. He was clean cut with a small goatee around his dark full lips and chin when he walked in, he smiled and Kelly swooned,

“Hey babe, what’s up?” Matt greeted and kissed her briefly on the lips

“Trish is dead.” Yaz said as tears filled her eyes

“What happened?” Matt asked, he had grown to love Yaz as a sister and seeing her hurting made his chest tighten

“I need to get in touch with Bella B.” Yaz answered

Matt’s back stiffened and he cleared his throat

“I can’t do that,”

“Can’t or won’t?” Yaz asked

“It’s not what you think, she is in the wind because she wants to be. Bella reaches out when she wants to Yaz.”

“My sister got killed behind her bullshit, I’ll figure out a way to make her want to.” Yaz promised and walked out of Kelly’s office

“You really aren’t going to help her?” Kelly asked when they were alone

“I talked to Rosalyn, I didn’t know it was Trish until now, but I heard what happened. That man sent the one message that Bella just might come back to answer by showing he could and would touch Lacey.” Matt looked out the window at the view of the city. Dark clouds sat above the city line; it was as if even nature knew to warn the city of the hell that was coming.

Yaz put her key in the door after a long day and walked into her apartment. She almost dropped the sushi she grabbed on her way home. Rome sat in the middle of her living room floor tied up and bleeding a red bow sat on his chest.

“I heard you were looking for me,” a voice spoke out causing her to snap her head up

“Bella.” Yaz whispered in disbelief.

Part 2. Coming Soon

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