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Lacey's Tale

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Song: Pick your Poison by Blxst

Feature Name: Big Fine

Lacey sat at a table in the corner of the hotel bar she had a glass of Merlot that she’d been sipping on since she sat down in one hand and a menu in the other. She saw a man approaching her and let out a sigh slightly rolling her eyes because she knew what was to come,

“How are you?” He began

“No thank you,” Lacey said with a kind smile, the man didn’t protest he simply nodded his head and walked away. He was handsome and had she not been there to meet someone she may have entertained his conversation, but this wasn’t the time.

“Sorry I am late,” her date said before sitting down

“It’s okay, I wasn’t waiting long,” she responded looking him up and down, he was an older man but fine and it caught her off guard a bit. His chocolate skin complimented the camel coat he wore, and his white smile put her at ease.

They made eye contact and smiled at each other

“You look beautiful,” he said

“Thank you,” Lacey blushed while running her hand along her dress and took another sip of her wine

They enjoyed dinner and talked getting to know each other,

“I’ve had a great time, we should do this again,” the man suggested as they walked out of the hotel his hand on the small of her back

“I’d like that,” Lacey smiled and hugged him tightly running her hand on the back of his neck and looking him in the eyes. His long arms draped around her, and he brought her in for a kiss as he ran his hands up down her curvy frame.

They backed away from each other and Lacey walked away, she walked around the corner and got into the passenger seat of the car that was running idle on the side of the road.

“What you get?” Trish, Lacey’s best friend asked as soon as she got in

“Not here, drive away.” Lacey commanded and Trish drove to the apartment they shared on the other side of town.

Once parked in the garage Lacey turned on the car light,

“Soooo I got his wallet, some cash, and this watch,” Lacey smiled showing off the watch, it looked to be worth at least 30K and both of them looked at it in amazement.

“We can go count the cash and wake up Tink to see if she can crack the cards. He looked like he had money, so we need to do this ASAP.”

Lacey was a scammer through and through, she learned from watching her mother con different men, after her mom sent her little sister’s dad to prison and disappeared. She and her sister were split up by the system and both on their own she knew she needed to survive so she used what her mother did and set men up to lose just enough for her to live off, but she was ready for more. Lacey knew in order to catch a big fish she’d need a big net, so she built a small team. Equally as money hungry and just as sheisty her best friend Trish would find the marks and her cousin Tink would do the vetting, background searches, crack cards, and fenced anything tangible she’d get like the watch in her hand. Lacey was the mastermind of the set up and execution and an amazing grifter she could take someone's wallet while looking them dead in their eyes. The three of them had been eating this way for years without getting caught and they loved the lifestyle it afforded them.

Lacey put the stolen goods back in her clutch and they exited the car as they walked to the elevator, they made small talk and appeared to be two friends returning home from a night out.

Once they reached their apartment door and saw it cracked open a bit Lacey froze and caught Trish’s arm, she kicked herself for leaving her gun at home and crept into the house.

“Tinkkkk,” Lacey called out

“I’m back here,” Tink said, and Lacey let out a deep breath walking to the back of the house

“Why is the front door op-“ Lacey’s words stopped in her throat when she saw her date standing behind a tied up Tink with a gun to her head

“I don’t think you ladies did your research very well.” He said smiling at the stunned expressions on Trish and Lacey’s face

“Dame, what are you talking about?” Lacey called him by name asking in an even tone

“Don’t play with me,” he said while turning the computer around showing his face and details about him.

“We can give you everything back,” Trish insisted and Lacey shot her a look because she knew better than to ever break the con

“She must be new.” Dame teased “Keep that shit, I want to hire you.” He removed the gun and adjusted his coat jacket

“You did all of this to offer me a job?” Lacey quizzed

“I had to see you run a con first,” he explained “Everything you took I planted on my body and I still don’t know when you grabbed my watch.” He chuckled

“I don’t work for anyone, this would be a one time job.” Lacey said

“Ehhh you’re not in the position to tell me how many jobs you’d do.”

“How you figure?” Trish rolled her neck finding her voice again

“All the information we found on him was dummy info, he’s not even Dame Richardson.” Tink explained

“Who are you?“ Lacey was almost scared to ask

“My name is Rome, I need you to find someone, get my money back, and kill them.”

“We don’t kill people,” Trish informed him

“You will or you’ll die,” Rome said with a shrug of his shoulders, he pulled a folded paper from his pocket, handed it to Lacey and kissed her on the side of her head. “I’ll be in touch,” he threw over his shoulder walking out the front door.

Lacey unfolded the paper and nearly lost her footing when she saw the picture of the person he wanted them to kill.

“Tink find out who the fuck that was,” she said as her breath picked up, her hands began to shake and she put her hands on the wall.

“What’s on the paper?” Trish asked with a worried expression

“He wants us to kill my mama.” Lacey looked at them eyes flooded with tears.

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